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Destinations Spa in Lancaster Pennsylvania

Active Pureness Facial
(60 min) $105.00
This facial has a dual purpose. It is designed to both purify and regenerate skin that is prone to acne. Ideal for the oily, congested skin type, this treatment is specifically intended for the inflamed, irritate skin caused by acne. The intense cleansing, along with a blend of alpha-hydroxy acids, will leave your skin feeling compact and renewed.

Absolute Pearl Facial
(60 min) $140.00
The first step is addressing hyperpigmentation using pearly powder and botantical extracts. This treatment works to improve the skin's luminosity and the anti-oxidant effect creates an immediate brightness and bestows a radiant glow.

Glorious Skin Facial
(75 min) $140.00
An Anti-aging treatment offering the cosmetic solution for an immediate lifting effect without surgery. It has an instant effect, which gives immediate tone, compactness, and radiance to the face, while at the same time bestowing a powerful anti-aging action.

Hydramemory Moisture Facial
(60 min) $90.00
Life today is full - we are busy with work and home life, we travel near and far, and we live in an environment that is not conductive to perfect skin. There are, however, active elements that can replenish what is depleted, helping us regain youthful and vital skin. The hydramemory facial will deeply hydrate and plump the skin, its nourishing, firming, it will smooth your skins texture leaving you with extraordinary softness.

Skin Resonance Facial
(60 min) $95.00
The skin resonance system consists of eight unique and active products, carefully designed to improve and protect any skin, in any lifestyle or environmental condition. This facial offers profound renewal and retexturizing providing the strongest action for immediate desensitizing and alleviated redness, rendering the skin balanced and vibrant.

Chrono-reverser Collagen Facial
(75 min) $140.00
Our skin is exposed everyday to virtually unavoidable stresses - sun, pollution, weather extremes, travel, too little sleep and to much indulgence! Combined with the natural progression of biological changes, we need a powerful boost to revitalize the skin and keep it in peak condition and appearance. Destinations is proud to present the latest innovation in a long-recognized approach to age management in skin care, with the chrono-reverser facial, science and nature represent at their best: powerful yet delicate, action without aggression leaving your skin revitalized and deeply hydrated with perfect texture and a lasting glow.


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